The Hillside Program

  • The Hillside Program

    12 Green Street, Mount Kisco

    Hillside main #: (914) 666-3257


    Greg Fedorczak, Co-Coordinator Hillside Program

    E-mail (914) 241-6000 ext 1106

    Margie Ramos, Co-Coordinator Hillside Program

    E-mail (914) 241-6000 ext 1102

    Welcome to the Hillside Program, a “small school with BIG dreams.”

    The Hillside program is a small, community-oriented, alternative high school program that is a part of Fox Lane High School. We serve both classified and non-classified students in an inclusive setting in the heart of Mount Kisco. Hillside is a therapeutic program established to meet the needs of students who thrive in a  small, highly structured classroom setting with increased support with a high staff-to-student ratio. Hillside is appropriate for students with a wide range of strengths and challenges.

    The instructional staff consists of teachers with content area specialization and expertise in special education instructional strategies and techniques. The small class sizes at Hillside allow teachers to give each student a level of individual attention that is difficult to provide in a traditional high school setting. Using alternative teaching methods and adaptive materials, teachers approach the students as individuals with varying learning styles and abilities.  In addition to the core and elective academic classes offered at Hillside, students also have the opportunity to access specific courses at FLHS, enroll in PNW BOCES Tech programs, and participate in after-school sports and extracurricular activities that are of interest to them.

    At Hillside, all team members acknowledge that students learn best in an emotionally supportive educational environment. The program is supported by a full-time social worker, full-time school counselor and a school psychologist. We believe that strong relationships are the foundation of student engagement and success. Through our meaningful connections with students, we are able to promote emotional health and academic growth.



    Greg Fedorczak & Margie Ramos


    As a school community, we value:

    • Respect
    • Effort
    • Growth
    • Achievement
    • Leadership


    School Enrollment: ranges from 35-45 students

    Average class size: approximately 12 students

    School Hours: 7:45am-2:15pm



    • Provides a comprehensive high school curriculum leading to a Fox Lane High School, NYS Regents Diploma
    • Creates credit recovery opportunities
    • Utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach
    • Allows for flexible scheduling and small class sizes with a high staff-to-student ratio
    • Offers enriching experiences that  promote a sense of community and personal growth


    The Hillside program proudly embraces a philosophy that every student learns and reaches success in their own individual way. At Hillside, we recognize that there is more than one way to do school.

    How do I get to Hillside?

    Hillside is entirely a program of choice. Students choose to attend Hillside for a variety of reasons. All students who attend Hillside follow an intake procedure:

    • Step 1:  Referral (student, parent, teacher, counselor/clinician, CSE, etc.)
    • Step 2:  Parent and Student Visit (parent and student visit Hillside for a program overview and information session)
    • Step 3:  Student Visit (student visits the Hillside Program and follows a full or partial day schedule for a better understanding of the student experience)
    • Step 4:  Collaboration/Discussion (Hillside team reviews the student visit and determines if Hillside can meet the student’s needs. Student and parent collaborate with any additional stakeholders and discuss Hillside as placement)
    • Step 5:  Decision (a decision is made based on the appropriateness of Hillside as placement by all parties involved)