Update on Progress of District Goal 2016-17

  • Dear Bedford Central School District Families and Community:


    This year, BCSD is proud to have implemented a new process for establishing, implementing, and evaluating progress on important Goals that will help our District move forward in its mission of realizing achievement for all students in an effective and efficient manner. We have established TEN BIG Goals for 2016-17, which include goals and objectives in the broad areas of:


    1. Strategic Planning.
    2. Budget development.
    3. Communications. 
    4. Resolving negotiations.
    5. Curriculum and Program initiatives.
    6. Improve BCSD Policies.
    7. Inclusion and Special Education.
    8. Improved Board Governance.
    9. Leadership positions.
    10. Space and Enrollment Community Advisory Committee work.
    Our process includes sharing progress with the community according to four reporting periods throughout the school year. We are proud to present our first status report on our BIG GOALS. 
    The Status Report can be found by selecting the Goal to the left of this page. On each page, you will find an action plan which was updated for the period of time July 1, 2016 through November 18th, the first Goals reporting period. Upcoming Goals reporting periods are: January 13th, March 10th, and May 1st. 
    We hope you find these reports helpful in understanding the types of work in which BCSD is engaged. 
    Best Regards,
    Dr. Christopher Manno, Superintendent of Schools
    on behalf of the Board of Education
A goal without a plan is just a wish!

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