Welcome students, parents, community members,

    Participation in athletics changes students’ lives.  Taking part in a vibrant physical education curriculum fosters a commitment to lifetime fitness in students. Health education helps guide students toward a safe and healthy lifestyle.   Those statements are the core values of this department and our combined approach through athletics, physical education and health education is meant to develop people of character who make the right decisions at important junctures in their lives.

    “Education Through Athletics” is Princeton University’s athletic department motto which in three short words spells out a vision for taking part in athletics that goes beyond winning or losing.  Taking part in interscholastic sports at Fox Lane is an extension of students’ education and offers lessons that are hard to replicate in the classroom.  Being a member of a team exposes students to a new level of commitment, sacrifice, collaboration, and citizenship.  The lessons learned through sport and team membership give students experiences that will shape their lives and make them capable of handling many of the joys and trials that they will see in their futures.

    The Bedford Central School District Physical Education program exists to provide all students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to make active living a way of life.  We will empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling experience.The aim of the Bedford Central School District Physical Education program is to provide students an opportunity to experience a program of Physical Education that relates to their varying social, mental, emotional and physical needs as well as experience a program where they, the students, have the opportunity to select varying activities that go beyond traditional physical education. 

    Similarly, health education in the Bedford Central Schools seeks to create a safe and comfortable environment where students will acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary to promote health and become responsible members of their families and communities.  We envision our health student becoming health literate based on National Health Education Standards and we strive to make our students critical thinkers, responsible citizens, self-directed learners.

    Students who experience membership in our athletic programs, take part in our physical education classes, and receive health education in the Bedford Central Schools will receive guidance in strengthening both the body and mind.  These lessons learned will provide students with a positive life path that will benefit our community, country, and world.

    Foxes Up,

    Adam Lodewick

    Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health


    (914) 241-6167