• 2023-2024 School Year

    (All subcommittee meetings are held in the Central Office Building unless noted otherwise.)

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    Bond Facilities Committee: Rob Mazurek, Steve Matlin, Betsy Sharma
    The committee will review construction progress and issues arising from construction on new and existing structures, and architectural designs, and planned repairs and improvements, approved by the board in the “Bond Capital Facilities Plan” and “Final Worksheet 3/2/2022” and supporting documents.


    Such items will be reviewed with the architect and construction manager during construction and bid development. The committee will provide periodic updates to the board on construction and design progress, as well as insights and recommendations to the board on such plans, and updates to the “Master Schedule” and budget analysis, to include budget variances of projects defined by Phases 1a, 1b and 2, as deemed appropriate by the committee or requested by the board.

    For Phase 2 of the project, any board committee member can recommend that a construction budget or a program change from the “Bond Capital Facilities Plan” and “Final Worksheet 3/2/2022” be brought to the board for approval prior to the final stages of the Schematic Document  and Design Document, after review by the construction manager. Any recommended changes will be shared with the board at any time. A program change is any change to the original plans as identified or absent from the board approved documents: the “Bond Capital Facilities Plan” and “Final Worksheet 3/2/2022” and supporting documents.

    The committee will be comprised of three board members, as well as community members selected by a community ‘all call’ and based on experience in this field, and/or knowledge of district facilities. Recommendations to the board will be governed by the majority of the board members of the committee. The committee will meet bi-weekly, unless otherwise necessary, with dates posted on the district website. Agendas will be set by members together with district advisors, architect, and construction manager. Meeting minutes will be provided by the committee and shared with the board. The final Construction Documents will be approved by the board majority prior to going to bid. Formal Change Orders will be approved by the parties listed in Policy 5100.

    Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Subcommittee: Gilian Klein, Steve Matlin, Kristine Stoker
    The Board of Education is dedicated to encouraging each child to exert their best efforts toward their fullest achievement and to strive toward a higher education, whether it be vocational or academic. To this end, the educational program will provide each child with the fundamental academic skills and basic knowledge required for their maximum educational development, and the opportunity for each child to develop their interests and abilities to the fullest extent according to their individual potential. The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Subcommittee consists of three Board members, chaired by one member. Working cooperatively with the Superintendent or designee, the subcommittee meets regularly to ensure the aforementioned educational philosophy is evident throughout the district’s programs and practices. The subcommittee reports to the Board on its discussions and recommendations for action. Specifically, the subcommittee will consider issues related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student achievement. Such topics may include: 
    • Learning: guiding principles of learning and student achievement; 
    • Testing and Assessment: standardized testing; types and frequency of local tests and assessments; use of external tests as benchmarks of local student, school and district achievement; emphasis of assessment and testing with respect to time devoted to tested and non-tested content; test preparation; 
    • Curriculum: guiding principles of curriculum and development of such, consideration of the depth and breadth of the Bedford Central curriculum, taking into consideration required standards and assessments; 
    • Achievement and Engagement: experience and data to benchmark student achievement and academic engagement; 
    • Communicating Success: benchmarking and communicating success with emphasis placed on rankings by national, state, and local publications; means of measuring and communicating student progress, growth, and point-in-time achievement; and means of communicating student(s) learning; 
    • Mandates and Policy: understanding federal and state policies and reforms; The Board subcommittee will receive and consider input from the District Student Achievement advisory committee. 

    Facilities & Finance Subcommittee: Gilian Klein, Rob Mazurek, Kristine Stoker.
    The Board of Education recognizes that sound planning based on accurate information is essential to the provision of suitable educational facilities, while enhancing public confidence in the District’s ability to effectively handle its financial affairs by communicating the results of its work to the School Board, and by educating the public regarding the financial position and outlook for the District. Working cooperatively with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Business, the subcommittee meets regularly to: monitor building conditions and facility maintenance; monitor the progress of capital projects; review strategies for the best use of district facilities; monitor buildings and overall programs; provide oversight of the District’s financial interests and operation. The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the existing and projected revenues and expenditures, and suggests measures to overcome potential budget constraints and improve the fiscal health of the District. Such recommendations are made to ensure the District is maximizing its revenues, is using its resources optimally, and is able to sustain effective operations on a long-term basis.  

    Policy Subcommittee:  Blakeley Lowry, Amal Shady, Betsy Sharma.
    In order to help it function more effectively and efficiently, the Board of Education of the Bedford Central School District has created a Policy Subcommittee. The Policy Subcommittee consists of three Board members, chaired by one member. Working cooperatively with the Superintendent, the subcommittee meets regularly to review, evaluate, revise and create district policy and regulations. When the need for a new or revised policy is recognized, the subcommittee meets with appropriate district staff and/or external resources to develop a draft policy or to revise an existing policy. Proposed policies are presented to the Board for discussion and action. Two readings of a policy at two separate Board meetings are required before approval, with ample time for comment. Proposed policies may be adopted by the Board of Education, as initially proposed or amended, or rejected. 

    Special Education Subcommittee: Gilian Klein, Blakeley Lowry, Kristine Stoker

    Vision: This committee seeks to make recommendations to the board which will support current staff and administration in their efforts to improve the outcomes (academic, social, emotional, physical) of special education students in the district, allowing them to achieve their potential in an authentic, respectful, and inclusive environment.

    Mission: The Committee will review and recommend to the board standards of excellence for the department through policy, goals, and a plan to achieve these objectives. The following areas may be reviewed:

    • Child find

    • Evaluation of special education programs

    • Culture and inclusive practices

    • Consistent process for services

    • Evidenced-based curricula

    • High quality instruction

    • Data-driven decision making for evaluating student achievement

    • Opportunities for physical, social, and emotional health and growth

    • Consistent and effective communication with parents

    • Transition services

    • Community participation in hiring practices

    • Professional development

    • Record management

    • Laws and regulations

    • Aligning students' experiences between the general education and special education settings

    • Examine best practices/organizational structures of other high performing districts.


    BOCES: Amal Shady
    Health Committee: Blakeley Lowry
    Parent Presidents/Student Life Liaison: Blakeley Lowry, Betsy Sharma
    Safety and Security: Amal Shady
    Tingley Committee: Betsy Sharma
    WPSBA Delegate and Legislative Contact: Rob Mazurek