• Want to hear from the district about issues impacting the community, but don’t have children in the district?

    Bedford Central School District recognizes that some of our community members who do not have school-age children may want to receive periodic notifications regarding issues related to the community at large. The district is committed to keeping our community members informed.

    We have created a Resident Notification List to allow residents of the Bedford Central School District the option to receive periodic, relevant notifications from the district. Communication with residents will be limited to issues impacting the community as a whole.


    Want to sign up?

    Simply click this link and fill out your information and you will be added to our group for BCSD Community Members.


    Please note: Parents and guardians of students in the district do not need to fill out this form. Your information is already synced to the notification system from our Student Information System. If you have a change in contact information, please contact your child's school to update the information.