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    Fox Lane Campus - 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

    Grades K-5


    After a 2-year hiatus, the Bike Run is back! This is a community-wide health and wellness event built by parents in partnership with the district, for kids aged K-5. Children from every BCSD elementary school, of all biking and scooting abilities, will be invited to ride around the Fox Lane campus and then run down onto and around the track, before they cross the finish line and receive a medal from their Phys. Ed. teachers! This event is funded by registration fees, raffles sales, and the generous sponsors listed below - click on their logos to see what they offer! 


    The link will activate HERE from 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 14 and close either when we reach our hard capacity or at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 19. You MUST register within this window.

    Packet pick-up

    You also MUST pick up your child's registration packet, t-shirt and swag bag outside the Fox Lane Middle School from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 21.

    Bike Safety Check @ Bicycle World!

    We are thrilled to have Bicycle World as a partner to make sure everyone has a safe and fun ride. They have also generously donated a sweet unisex 24" Trek bike to our raffle! Bring your bike and helmet to the shop by 4/23 to receive two free extra chances or by 4/30 for one free extra chance above the general raffle pool, to win the bike. Parts and repairs beyond tire refills, brake checks, chain lube and various minor adjustments will be done at a 20% discount, subject to availability! 


    You probably have a lot of questions... Let's try and answer 'em! 

    My kid can't ride a bike... Don't worry! Scooters and bikes with training wheels are allowed! Skateboards are not. Helmets are required. 

    How long is this course? It varies by age, and is designed to be very do-able for all. K-1 will ride 4/5 mi. / run 1/4 mi. 2-3 will bike 1.2 mi. / run .5 mi., 4-5 will bike 2 mi. / run 1 mi. 

    My child has certain needs that may make it difficult for him/her to participate... We got you. Please email BCSDBikeRun@Gmail.com about any additional accommodations you need, and we will make it happen.  

    You mentioned a raffle. I love raffles! How do I buy raffle tickets? You can purchase raffle tickets for all of our prizes, as well as the Trek bike, on the registration site when it's activated HERE, or on the day of the event behind the bleachers. As mentioned, popping into Bicycle World with your bike for a safety check could earn you a couple extra chances at winning the bike! 

    This all sounds like a lot of work. Do you need help? YES. Please email our volunteer co-ordinator Christie Sasso to discuss how you can help either before or on the day of the event. This event will ONLY succeed with help from the community. Please email Christie at ChristieSasso@gmail.com.

    My business would love to sponsor the event! How do I do that? Please email Lauren or Jess from our sponsorship team at LHarm24@gmail.com or Jessica.Nable@gmail.com to discuss sponsorship or raffle prize donations. 

    What if it rains? There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Come prepared, and we will still have fun! 

    Ugh, I have so many more questions! Email BCSDBikeRun@gmail.com. We got you.