• The Board of Education commissioned a report last spring in response to an incident at Fox Lane High School. You can view the final report, which has been redacted per the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), here: Kroll Final Report- Redacted


    December 16, 2022

    Dear BCSD Community:

    I want to thank you for your dedication and perseverance through this week’s release of the Kroll report. This is a very painful time for everyone in our community, as the release of the report opened a wound that had not yet healed following last spring’s abhorrent event. Please know that I am here to support this entire community– and we are all here to support each other. As we approach a much-needed weekend, I want to offer some thoughts upon which we might reflect to take the first step on our individual journey of healing.  

    Entering the district in July, it was apparent to me that during a crucial period of leadership transition, the Board needed to have a way to fully understand everything that had happened. Through a mechanism like this report, it was critical that we all had a pathway toward gaining an understanding– not only of what happened, but what we must do to improve. Now that we have more information, we are all digesting it; it's a lot to absorb and we all have a range of emotions. We all feel the weight.

    Speaking of gaining understanding, here are some things I learned very early-on about who we are as a BCSD community: 1) Our district is full of dedicated, caring, talented people who do amazing work. 2) We are incredibly supported by families who entrust their children to us and will do just about anything to support our mission. 3) We have engaging students who love learning, care about their world and can achieve anything. 

    At the same time, here are some understandings revealed in this report: 1) Some people did an amazing job in this situation, and we applaud their efforts. 2) Significant and unacceptable breakdowns were noted in systems and communication. 3) Needs for strengthening policy exist. 4) Some key training is needed. Here's a sample of what is already being addressed:

    • Training on investigation protocols, note taking and documentation will be provided on February 1, 2023 to all administrators by our legal firm

    • Policy 7550 is being revised to include a one-day notification provision to families. This revised policy will be brought to the Wednesday, December 21 Board of Education meeting

    • District culture and climate will begin to be objectively benchmarked per our Success Plan in Goal 1, Strategy 2 and Goal 2, Objective E.

    The road to success ahead is about being reliable, accountable and rebuilding trust all around. Rebuilding trust will not happen by accident. It will require commitment, structures, dialogue and engagement. As painful as this moment is, it is our opportunity. We must look forward as we learn from the past, asking what we can do individually and collectively to chart a new course.

    I accepted the privilege of leading Bedford Central for this reason: because I believe to my core that it is a special place and that we are destined for greatness. I still believe that; maybe now more than ever. Let’s mark this incredibly painful moment as the time where we all accept the call to greatness. We are going to turn the page together to chart a renewed course that will make this school district the envy of the state. This has been my commitment to this school community from the beginning, and it will continue to be my abiding commitment.  

    We will communicate progress on actions and opportunities in the coming weeks, and we look forward to taking this journey with you.



    Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent