• BCSD Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Guiding Principles

    Defining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (“DEIB”) guiding principles are in the interest of BCSD's core mission, values, and an important step in ensuring the long-term success of our goals and initiatives. By articulating these guiding principles our goal is to provide clarity to the entire community and gain their confidence as these initiatives further develop. These efforts are not guided by any person, philosophy or initiative that seeks to divide, but rather we strive to stay a community unified in our BCSD mission statement to “cultivate curiosity and a passion for learning by providing challenging educational experiences for all students so they may achieve their full potential as productive and contributing members of society.”  

    In addition to grounding these efforts in academic expertise and data both quantitative and qualitative, we gain valuable information from lessons learned by other academic institutions pursuing similar initiatives, as we endeavor to honor and support all members of the BCSD community.


    1. BCSD's DEIB initiatives are guided by an ongoing belief that students and staff thrive in a school culture that is inclusive, fosters a deep commitment to belonging, where different viewpoints are respected, and is a welcoming home for a diversity of backgrounds and learning abilities. We affirm that personal identity attributes are important to each of us and are to be mutually respected. Each person's character and actions ultimately contribute to the climate and tone in our school community. Wherein, we value our shared commitment to empathy, integrity, perseverance, teamwork, kindness, seeking excellence and pursuing universal merit-based outcomes. Underpinning this principle are several district policies such as 7550 ‘Dignity for All Students’ and 3420 ‘Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment’. 

    2. At BCSD equity in public education means providing educational opportunities, resources, and learning pathways guided and differentiated by each student’s individual needs, goals and ambitions.Student achievement gaps should be addressed with academic expertise while ensuring that we have equitable structures, assessments, and organizational processes that guide student success without bias. We demonstrate our commitment by ensuring each student is provided with an equal opportunity to succeed based on their unique individual academic needs so that each student experience meets a common BCSD standard of objective excellence. Overarching, all our equity initiatives are united on improving academic achievements for all students to ensure every student is always treated fairly with dignity, respect and with an ongoing commitment to inclusion fostering a culture of academic excellence and belonging. This principle is noted further in BCSD Policy 3430 ‘Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in Education’.  

    3. BCSD policies, student handbook, and the student code of conduct are updated on a regular basis to ensure that all forms of discrimination and bullying are not tolerated and that there are measures of enforcement and accountability that are acted upon with fidelity. All DEIB initiatives will adhere to BCSD policies, the code of conduct and student handbook. Ensuring student overall safety and security is a paramount tenant enabling an atmosphere of belonging, trust and confidence for students, staff and our community.  

    4. As noted in BCSD Policy 6120 ‘Equal Employment Opportunity’, in making hiring and promotion decisions, BCSD adheres to all federal equal opportunity laws. With the intent to expand the pool of applicant diversity of backgrounds, the administration is encouraged to expand relationships, partnerships, and pathways in seeking diverse candidates. All hiring decisions and promotions are always made on merit-based processes to select the best candidate for any given position.  

    5. At BCSD schools, teaching the importance of civics, social studies, among other disciplines, from a variety of viewpoints, age-appropriate nuances and deep complexities in history, controversial current events, volunteerism and service to community and country, and how governments operate is part of the core mission of BCSD to foster academic success and prepares our next generation. BCSD advocates for a positive self-image through its philosophies and policies as implemented in the classroom, after school activities and district sponsored clubs. BCSD does not advocate, designate, nor would ever instruct any student or staff member that they are either limited or entitled in their future success and personal growth and or compel any staff member or student to express any personal guilt or feel any direct individual responsibility about historical injustices due their heritage or how they self- identify. BCSD shall continue to teach at age-appropriate levels lessons about topics such as, but not limited to, the holocaust, slavery in the United States or any other act of genocide or acts of suppression like apartheid in South Africa, contemporary labor practices in China, or Japanese American internment during the second world war. It is the role and responsibility of BCSD to present a variety of age-appropriate, balanced perspectives and to welcome dissent and discussion allowing for the development of critical thinking skills about complex topics and literature, in accordance with BCSD Policy 8330 ‘Controversial Issues.’

    6. BCSD asserts it is outside the mission of public education to lead and direct social activism related to social and political causes by compelling students and staff to take single, specific positions on said causes. This is not to discourage students from participating in their communities, expressing their voice at school, or sharing their interests at school. BCSD also shall not instruct students that they must take an active role or position to act as "agents of social change" or "agents of positive social change," as recommended by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in their Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Framework released in 2021. 

    7. Providing students of all ages and abilities with a robust, challenging, and modern curriculum is at the core of our mission. In accordance with the requirements of BCSD Policy 8110 ‘Curriculum Development, Resources and Evaluation’ ensures we provide a robust, challenging and modern curriculum at all times, the administration and the Board of Education shall not implement any DEIB initiative which adversely impacts, denigrates, conflicts with or compromises the strength, complexity or educational integrity of the then current curriculum.