• Special Education Study — Hanover Research

    The BCSD Board of Education in the spring of 2022 charged the incoming superintendent with conducting a review of the district’s Special Education program. To this end, Hanover Research was engaged to conduct a series of research projects over the course of the twelve months from September 2023 through September 2024. Hanover’s research projects were designed in consultation with a collaborative team to gather critical stakeholder feedback regarding the state of the district’s Special Education program in light of benchmarking data and best practices.

    In addition to Hanover’s work, the District partnered with SEPTO to provide a professionally facilitated Town Hall meeting to provide a forum for hearing directly the voices and experiences of families with regard to Special Education. The high-level results of the Town Hall were also provided to Hanover as another data point to be included in their Capstone summary of Hanover’s findings and recommendations, which will be delivered to the Board of Education at its October 11, 2023 meeting. These recommendations will be used by the administration and the Board of Education Special Education Committee to help guide solution-oriented action-planning steps into the future.

    We are pleased to provide the community with the complete set of research projects completed by Hanover as well as the summary and artifacts from the Town Hall meeting.