High School Art

  • FLHS Art Department Philosophy

    We strive to nurture and develop each student's ability to become a creative thinker and an empowered, intentional artist while learning the five "C's" (Creative Process, Composition, Creativity/Innovation, Craftsmanship and Communication) to develop the 5 "P's": a Personal Process, Personal Aesthetic, Personal Vision, Personal Mastery, and Personal Voice.  Through an emphasis on the creative process, students develop their problem solving skills, their command of the principles and elements of design, and their technical skills.  Within the creative process, students brainstorm, research, sketch ideas, articulate their intention, execute their ideas, critique their work, address areas of potential improvement, and reflect on their work and growth.  The culmination for that process is a public exhibit of their completed work.  Our mission is to help students discover and pursue their passion; and through hard work and perseverence, develop a unique expressive style. 

    FLHS Visual Arts Staff

    Jody Chadwick 

    Madalyn Grano

    Lauren LaMance 

    Lindsay Lappin-Burke 

    Stephanie Poggi-Sanfelice 

    Amy Salerno  

    Heather Kranz  


BCSD Visual Arts Golden Circle