Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Our Vision for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    We believe in "Inspiring and Challenging Our Students" through a curriculum that inspires students to think, create, and problem solve, to teach students that each is smart in different ways, to promote deep thinking, to anchor and launch future learning, and above all, to cause students to “get their fingernails dirty” experiencing real-world, real-life, authentic, meaningful, rigorous, challenging, motivating and transformative learning. 

    Department Overview 

    This office is responsible for the K-12 instructional program and for the coordination of professional development to provide continuous education and instructional support to the district’s professional staff.  Examples of the work of this office include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Development and implementation of a curriculum review cycle for all academic disciplines, including periodic program review and evaluation, curriculum revision, and program selection.
    • Articulation of the elementary, middle, and high school instructional programs and coordination of instructional and curricular support to administrative staff and classroom teachers.
    • Preparation and analysis of the annual Student Performance Report, along with ongoing curriculum-based assessments, to inform decision making.
    • Management of state and federal grants, coordination of all program improvement projects and professional development activities including conference attendance and consultancies.
    • Administration and analysis of national, state, and district assessments.
    • Planning and coordination of a variety of innovative programs to accelerate and maximize student learning during and beyond the school day and year.
    • Coordination of the Annual Professional Performance Review process for staff, the goal setting, supervision, evaluation, and professional learning cycle that promotes continuous improvement across the district.


    Learning, Equity and Access 

    • We have moved into year four of the AVID program, adding new eighth and ninth grade cohorts to our continuing group, now extending through grade twelve. AVID, Advancement through Individual Determination, targets capable but under-performing students and supports them with skills, strategies and supports to access the highest levels of coursework and begins the college planning process early.
    • With several years of implementation of both Response to Intervention (RTI) and the Common Core Learning Standards, this year it is time to step back and gauge our progress, and where we need to retool and revisit our practices and approaches. In partnership with the Special Education Department, we will be conducting a self-evaluation and process review with an eye toward strengthening core instruction in all classrooms, and progressively intense supports for students in need. This will involve the RTI teams in every building along with the District RTI Steering Committee. 

      Academic Repertoire and Practice 

    • Continuing our implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, we are entering the fourth year of our K-5 math program, Math in Focus, making this the very first group of third graders that has been exposed to this program and these standards all the way through their schooling. At the high school level, this marks the final year of phasing in Common Core math courses with the changes to Algebra 2. We are also focusing intensely on writing this year, having undertaken significant revisions to our writing units K-5, and writing portfolio in middle and high school. We are emphasizing both a greater quantity of writing, and a stronger and better articulate continuum of writing practice K-12. 
    • Assessing student learning is an important level for improvement, and BCSD is again participating in two assessment project- the PNW BOCES Teaching is The Core Grant Consortium and the Tri-States Performance Assessment Design Initiative, both of which support our teachers to develop capacity for learner-centered practices in assessment. During these projects, educators will design, review and implement new performance-based assessments that more authentically engage students in learning while providing information about their learning.

     Teaching English to and School Success for Speakers of Other Languages

    • Building on the understanding that all students are potential emergent bilinguals, we will be working to implement the State’s new Part 154 regulations that raise the expectations for how we instruction students learning English as a new language. Along these lines, we will on our tremendously successful first year of dual language bilingual education at Mount Kisco Elementary by introducing the program in second grade. This two-way language program engages students enrolled to learn in English and Spanish in each of their core academic subjects with the goals of high academic achievement, biliteracy, and biculturalism.

     Professional Learning and Practice 

    • It has been two years since external evaluators, or critical friends, spent time reviewing our World Language program, and our use of time across all aspects of our work. As a result, we will be hosting a return visit on each topic in spring to provide an update and to get further guidance.
    • We are excited to continue to develop and deepen our Professional Development School relationship with Manhattanville College. With six schools now involved--Fox Lane Middle School, Bedford Village, Mount Kisco, Bedford Hills, Pound Ridge, and West Patent elementary schools, we aim to leverage our commitment to deepen our commitment to the goals of the PDS, which are to improve student learning, prepare pre-service teachers for the profession, provide professional learning for our current teachers, and engage in research and inquiry into improving practice.


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