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Safety & Dismissal Changes at Fox Lane High School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you know, we will be increasing measures to keep your children safe at FLHS by limiting visitors to the Fox Lane campus, starting Monday, October 16. Specifically, the Upper Campus entry from Route 172 will be closed each day at 8 AM for incoming and outgoing traffic.

If you wish to come on campus after 8 AM, please enter at the traffic light. If you have an appointment on campus, the Safety Monitor will greet you and notify FLHS that you have arrived. If you do not have an appointment, then the Safety Monitor will greet you, seek the reason for your visit, and contact FLHS to see if the person you are seeking is available.

Currently, there are many families who are dropping off items for their children throughout the school day. Moving forward, being mindful of our efforts to increase the safety of all children by decreasing the traffic on campus, please continue to encourage your children to plan ahead and bring everything they need to be successful at school that day.

Regarding the shifts in school dismissal procedures, while students and staff parked on campus will be permitted to exit campus after school via the Upper Exit on Route 172, this point of entry to campus will remain closed until 2:25 PM. This will allow our students to board the buses and for the buses to depart campus prior to the arrival of additional traffic. This will ensure a more safe environment for all students, as it reduces vehicle movement substantially while students dismiss for the day. When the Upper Entrance from Route 172 reopens at 2:25, we welcome cars back on campus to meet students either in the North Entrance parking lot or at the South Entrance in the Bus Circle. Access to the South Entrance and the Bus Circle will open once the buses have cleared this area.

Please take a look at the following dismissal and parking maps:

One additional note related to safety: we have received reports that some underclassmen have been parking in the Park and Ride and then walking to school.  We have also received reports of some students being dropped off and picked up along Route 172. While these scenarios are beyond the scope of the school, both scenarios have inherent concerns. We value our partnership in keeping our students safe. Since Route 172 is not equipped with a sidewalk and is not designed for pedestrians, please help to guide your children to make safe choices on how to arrive at school each day.

For more information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit the district update on changes to Fox Lane Campus safety.

Thank you for your support and partnership in building a safe environment for all students.