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Bedford Central Schools Kicks off the 2022-23 School Year

BVES Principal Smith greets student with a hug


Last Thursday, Bedford Central School District students kicked off the 2022-23 school year equipped with bright smiles, fresh school supplies and plenty of excitement.


Students districtwide were kept busy all day long, beginning with high school freshmen who arrived bright and early for their orientation. Freshmen got to meet administrators, deans, guidance counselors, clinicians and student leaders and get a better feel for the layout of the building before upperclassmen arrived. Seniors talked to freshmen about what the high school experience is like and touched on the importance of joining clubs to get connected.


Our other buildings were just as bustling with activity. Fox Lane Middle School students reacquainted themselves with the school and took time to practice using their lockers. West Patent Elementary School held its first assembly of the year. Students practiced five-finger breathing and checked in with the Mood Meter before getting started. At Bedford Village Elementary School, students attended Town Hall meetings with Principal Gina Smith to go over rules and expectations. Smith reminded fifth graders that they are the building’s leaders and asked them to think about the ways they can show responsibility. At Bedford Hills Elementary School, third graders in Vanessa Clausen’s class engaged in a “summer motion circle” during which they acted out something they did over the summer while classmates guessed what it was. At Pound Ridge Elementary School, students were thrilled to get outside and play. A large group gravitated to the gaga pit, noting how much they missed it over the summer. At Mount Kisco Elementary School, students got their whole bodies involved in a song during music class.


Students and staff alike left our buildings completely exhausted — but ready to do it all again!


“We are so excited to start a new school year and we look forward to great things ahead,” said Superintendent Dr. Rob Glass.


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FLMS students pose in the hallway on the first day