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Hats from the Heart at Bedford Hills Elementary School

students holds up a colorful handmade hat while wearing another Before mid-winter break and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Bedford Hills Elementary School second graders gathered together in the cafeteria to open their hearts and give back to the community by making and donating hats. 

“Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some love, by teaching students the spirit of friendship, giving and doing for others,” said second grade teacher Jennifer Nordstrom.

With direction and preparation from the second grade team, each student made at least two hats, one to keep and the other(s) to give. The hats were created from fleece rectangles with fringe on two sides. Students tied the sides together and formed a little pompom on top. They also made colorful "handmade with love" tags to attach to each hat. The 81 donated hats will be distributed by Neighbors Link.  

“In a year when so many things have been changed for our students, it was wonderful to see the excitement on their faces,” said Elementary Coordinator Jacquelyn Salcito. “Every time a hat was finished, students chanted ‘hats from the heart!’”

Staff members visited the cafeteria to make hats and to congratulate the second graders on a job well done.

“I wish we could do this every day,” said one student, with a smile.

The experience brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

“There was magic in the cafeteria that day,” said Nordstrom. “It brought our second graders together in a way we didn't know how much we missed!”

Nordstrom went on to say that she hopes the experience taught students “the spirit of paying it forward and how good it feels to give to others.”

A special thank you goes out to Bedford Hills Elementary School Association for supplying the materials and to Lori D’Adamo for preparing them.

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Photos by Kelly Schwark