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Bedford Hills Third Graders Create Meteorological Videos

BHES students create meteorology videos

“The snowiest month in Anchorage, Alaska is December,” third grader Cecily Hagedorn said into a camera with confidence. “It snows about 19 inches — oh my goodness, that is a ton of snow!”

Cecily and her classmates in Kathleen Herson’s class at Bedford Hills Elementary School worked on an interdisciplinary project that combined science, social studies, technology and more. After doing research that tied into both their social studies curriculum and their meteorology unit in science, students created slides, wrote scripts, recorded videos, edited them with WeVideo and presented the completed package to the class.

“This is a really big project,” Herson said while students worked through different stages of it all around her. “I am so proud of them.”

While much of the work was done on their Chromebooks in the classroom, the videos were recorded in the computer lab in front of a green screen with help from Educational Technology Coach Dr. Stephanie Peborde-Burke and computer aide Robert Alspach.

“Making the video was so fun!” Ophelia Comeau said.

She and her classmates were passionate about their favorite parts of the experience.

“Editing and creating slides was my favorite part,” said Jill Patel. “You can change a lot of things when you’re editing.”

Annette Gatto agreed.

“It’s really fun to edit,” she said. “You get to think about where you place things and it’s fun to work together, too.”

While still working on her video, Ophelia looked forward to the end result.

“I think seeing the whole thing at the end will be my favorite part,” she said.

Check out one of the videos here.