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First Graders Speak with World Famous Author

Alyssa Capucilli reads one of her books on Google Meet

Bedford Village Elementary School first graders recently got up close and personal — virtually — with Alyssa Capucilli, author of the classic Biscuit books. In a Google Meet from her home, Capucilli told students all about creating a book from start to finish. 

“This book is a true story — kind of,” Capucilli said at the start of her talk. She went on to tell students, who were watching from their homes and classrooms, how Biscuit came to be. The first book was inspired by her daughter, who desperately wanted to babysit their neighbor’s big dog. When she got the chance, she was so gentle and attentive. She brought the dog water, a snack, a blanket, a doll and even told it a bedtime story. Capucilli took this seed — someone who loves a dog so much — and Biscuit was born.

“I took what was real and good in my life and stirred in some imagination,” she told students.

She has now written more than 80 Biscuit books, which were partially inspired by letters she got from students telling her Biscuit was the first book they were able to read all by themselves. It was clear BVES students were fans, as many excitedly held up their own well-loved copies of her books.

After telling the first graders about the process of creating books from brainstorming and working with an illustrator to printing, Capucilli read a story. Students listened attentively, some at home reading along with their own books or snuggled up with a pet.

When she finished the story, Capucilli answered questions from each of the classes. Questions ranged from “Do you have a bunny named Nibbles?” to “What’s your next book going to be?”

Capucilli answered each question and comment with gentle patience and kindness, making sure to speak in terms the students understood. If their big smiles and enthusiastic sendoff was any indication, it’s an event they’ll remember for a long time.

A screenshot of Alyssa Capucilli's Google Meet with BVES students