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BCSD All Call for Advisory Committees

The Bedford Central School District is accepting applications for membership on the following advisory committees for the 2021-2022 school year: the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), the Student Achievement Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Advocacy Advisory Committee (AAC), The Dignity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Committee (DEIB), and the Sustainability Community Advisory Committee (SCAC). Interested community members are asked to complete an online application no later than October 15, 2021. Please see the district’s website for links to the Google applications for each of these committees.

The BAC (Budget Advisory Committee) is charged by the Board of Education with providing input and insight to the Board of Education and its Finance Subcommittee on topics related to budget and finance, including but not limited to: analysis of district revenues and expenditures, long range financial planning, long range capital planning, including funding analyses, reserve planning, comparative analyses of measures of fiscal and District performance, other budget matters as may be determined.

The SAAC (Student Achievement Advisory Committee) is charged by the Board of Education with providing input and insight to the CIA (Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment) Board Subcommittee related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student achievement. Such topics include: Learning: guiding principles of learning and student achievement; Testing and Assessment: standardized testing; types and frequency of local tests and assessments; use of external tests as benchmarks of local student, school and district achievement; emphasis of assessment and testing with respect to time devoted to tested and non-tested content; test preparation; Curriculum: guiding principles of curriculum and development of such, consideration of the depth and breadth of the Bedford Central curriculum, taking into consideration required standards and assessments; Achievement and Engagement: experiences and data to benchmark student achievement and academic engagement; Communicating Success: benchmarking and communicating success with emphasis placed on rankings by national, state, and local publications; means of measuring and communicating student progress, growth, and point-in-time achievement; and means of communicating student(s) learning; Mandates and Policy: understanding federal and state policies and reforms. The SAAC charge for 2021-2022 will be literacy.

The AAC (Advocacy Advisory Committee) was created to support the Board in assessing the impact of existing and proposed legislation on our district and effectively communicating BCSD’s needs to local, state and federal representatives. The committee will be comprised of members of our community, student representatives, and representatives from the BCSD Board of Education and administration. The committee will primarily support the Board’s Communications Subcommittee, although the Communications Subcommittee may refer issues to other subcommittees as appropriate. The AAC is charged by the Board to analyze and report on a wide range of advocacy issues related to the district, including but not limited to: researching and understanding current and pending ​local, state and federal legislation that impacts schools, and recommending position statements or other action steps as appropriate; researching and understanding existing sources of state and federal aid, as well as related aid formulas, and recommending action steps for effective advocacy regarding efforts to make state and federal funding more equitable for our district; recommending ways to strengthen our relationships with local town leaders and maximizing the utilization of shared assets and services, along with other cost saving tools; recommending ways to better educate our broader community about issues related to BCSD and creating accessible means for community members to participate in organized advocacy efforts; researching and recommending available grants and potentially assisting with preparing grant applications.

The DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Advisory Committee)-DRAFT CHARGE

The BCSD Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Community Advisory Committee is charged by the Board of Education to provide insight and recommendations. This Committee will be composed of community members, student representatives, and representatives from the Board of Education and Administration, who will focus their efforts towards: Recommending ways to build and sustain BCSD as a community in which we celebrate both the things that unite us and the things that make us unique; Researching ways to include a multitude of voices and perspectives as part of the educational experience within the bounds of policy 8110 and to foster students’ ability to connect across cultures; Seeking out ways to support an equitable experience for all students within our district in accordance with the BCSD Mission Statement; Suggesting ideas to support an environment of belonging which upholds all students in accordance with BCSD Core Values; Where and when appropriate and only with the coordination of the Administration, the committee may seek to consult with other local school districts on their DEI efforts and initiatives; The Committee will not deviate from the District statement released by Dr. Adelberg on June 15, 2021. The committee will meet at least once a month and provide a report of all written recommendations from all committee members by the end of the academic year, at a date determined by the Board representatives to the group.  

The SCAC (Sustainability Community Advisory Committee) DRAFT CHARGE promotes sustainable District operations in the areas of energy, transportation, land use, water resources, waste reduction, recycling, and green products. The committee works to balance economic benefits with sound ecological principles, supporting efforts at the facilities, administration, faculty, student and community levels. The SCAC has the following goals: To achieve more sustainable and environmentally responsible physical plants and district operations; To support our administration and faculty in their efforts to create a rich and dynamic learning environment that will prepare our students to be productive members of an increasingly global community; To encourage environmental stewardship throughout the BCSD by cultivating awareness of the impact our daily choices have on our immediate environment and our planet's future; To affirm for our students that their voices and actions do make a difference and create opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness of our schools, the environment, and the global community. The committee will meet at least once a month and provide a series of recommendations via a report and/or presentation by the end of the academic year, on a date chosen by the Board representatives to the group. The SCAC will be composed of community members, student representatives, and representatives from the Board of Education. 

For more information about these advisory committees and to access the applications, please visit the District’s website at