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Westchester Land Trust Hosts a Pollinator Pop-Up at Mount Kisco Elementary School

 MKES students at the Pollinator Pop-Up

“We're having a bumblebee party today!” announced Jenn Wege, garden co-chair for the Mount Kisco Elementary School Association. Students buzzed with excitement as they gathered in the school’s sunny garden, where a Pollinator Pop-Up tent, funded in part by Con Edison, was set up by Westchester Land Trust.

Divided into three groups, students learned all about bees and pollination. At one station, they drew colorful pictures of bumblebees. At another, Wege told students a story about bees in English and Spanish with help from a teacher. The third station was the Pollinator Pop-Up tent, which featured a variety of displays and educational materials to teach students about bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. The hands-on exhibit allowed students to touch and examine materials with magnifying glasses and pretend they were bees buzzing around big sunflowers.

“I’m a detective looking through my magnifying glass!” Derek called out with a grin.

Students took a special interest in pollination and what it means for the school’s beloved garden.

“Bumblebees help us grow delicious food,” Wege told them. “What kind of food do you think they help grow?”

They called out some of their favorite fruits and vegetables like blueberries, tomatoes, cherries and peppers.

By the end of the event, students were sharing some of the most interesting facts they learned.

“Bees take pollen to their nest for their babies,” Joshua said.

“I learned that pollen can go from one place to another,” Amy said. “It sticks to the bee and then the bee flies to another place and the pollen just falls off.”

“The coolest thing I learned is that the wind blows pollen,” Olivia said. “Bees can take it to a different flower, but the wind can take it to a different flower, too. I like that.”

Thank you to everyone who made the event so special, including Westchester Land Trust Vice President Kara Whelan, Westchester Land Trust Board Member (and former Mount Kisco Elementary School parent!) Amy Ferguson and Michael Pinto from Con Edison.

MKES students inspects nature at Pollinator Pop-Up