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Mount Kisco Elementary Shines with Dual-Language Production of Aladdin

MKES Aladdin performance: Jasmine points at her father

Earlier this month, Mount Kisco Elementary School students performed in the first ever elementary school dual-language production of Aladdin. The school worked with Disney to pilot this play and, after three sold-out shows, the project received international media coverage with features on Eyewitness News, Telemundo and Nuestra Tele Internacional.

“MKES and the Mount Kisco community are shining bright,” said Principal Inas Morsi-Hogans. “I am grateful to all those who made it possible. It’s a big deal.”

Leading up to their big performances, students and staff alike worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the show was the best it could be — but they also had fun throughout the process.

“I know how much fun theater was for me growing up, and I was super excited to see that come to Mount Kisco,” teacher Alexandra Galán said in a video created by teaching assistant Valerie Groccia. “Every day that I come to rehearsal and work with the kids is another reminder of why I do this. It’s because I love working with them. It’s been so much fun.”

Galán and Groccia taught the students the choreography for the play. Groccia found the experience just as enjoyable as Galán.

“Dance has been a part of my life since I was three years old,” Groccia said. “Being able to share this creative outlet has been one of the most gratifying experiences — not only seeing those who light up and experience dance like they haven’t before, but being able to watch their talent and passion grow over these many weeks. I’m so incredibly proud of every one of them.”

Students were thrilled to participate in the experience, with many noting that they have always wanted to be in a school play. Some chose to participate because they wanted to try something new or make their families proud. Others wanted to see what it was like to work backstage or to perform for the first time.

“I love Aladdin!” said Cinthia Luna Melendrez, who played Iago. “I have wanted to be in a school play forever, and this is the first time. I am so excited to be one of the main characters. I love it!”

Aside from the exciting experience the play provided for students and staff alike, it was also a great showcase of MKES’s Dual Language Bilingual Education program.

“I love seeing our students using their superpower of being bilingual to do this play,” said MKES teacher Angelica Dardon. “It’s truly magical.”

MKES students perform Aladdin