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West Patent Elementary School Students Plant Daffodils to Honor Veterans

West Patent students plant daffodils

Last week, kindergarten through second graders at West Patent Elementary School took part in a beloved tradition: planting daffodil bulbs around the flagpole to honor veterans.

Before they headed outside, students had the chance to meet a member of the U.S. Air Force, Greg Fieberg. Fieberg, who is second grade teacher Jaclyn Fieberg’s husband, spoke with the students and answered their questions about military service.

When second graders gathered outside after his visit, they recounted what they had learned to Elementary Coordinator Denise Connolly.

“We learned you can actually change jobs and you can fly planes and go on boats,” one student said.

“I learned they have little food packages that you put water in to eat,” said another.

“It’s helpful to use math to help build the plane so it doesn’t tip over,” said a third.

Once students had shared their new knowledge with Connolly, they read two picture books about Veterans Day to learn about the importance and history of the holiday.

“There are lots of books in the library if you’re interested in the topic and want to learn more,” Connolly told them.

Next, Connolly explained the significance of daffodils and why the school chooses to plant them in honor of veterans.

“Daffodils are perennial,” she said. “They come up every year and they are the first flowers that will appear in the spring. They symbolize new beginnings, strength and resilience.”

Once students understood the significance of both Veterans Day and the daffodil bulbs they were about to plant, it was time to get started. Each student grabbed a popsicle stick and a bulb and found a pre-dug hole. They put both their bulb and popsicle stick in the hole (the stick was a marker to find their hole more easily) and then grabbed a shovel full of soil. After covering the bulb, they gave the soil a little pat.

Students and staff alike cannot wait to see the students’ hard work come to fruition when the first daffodils pop up around the flagpole in the spring.

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