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Students Get a Refresher Course in Bus Safety

Just as important as the new pencils and fresh notebooks to start a new school year are the reminders on rules and safety measures. With students' wellbeing always a priority, Bedford Village Elementary students got a refresher in bus safety this week. 

”It is a sacred obligation for us as educators to keep our students safe,” said Superintendent Dr. Christopher Manno. “All schools in BCSD practice numerous safety and security protocols, fire drills for example. Safety on the school bus is equally as important as safety in school buildings. Bus safety drills are regularly practiced to ensure student safety while they travel to and from school. Our students are cooperative and understand the importance of taking these exercises seriously.”

BVES students listened to a presentation that included reminders on the safest way to get on and off the bus, how to cross the street, and what to do in case of an emergency. Once the talk was over, they walked out into the September sunshine to practice a bus evacuation drill.

Students filed onto buses and practiced exiting the back using a “sit and slide” method to help prevent injury.

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