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Bedford Hills Elementary Students Get a Hands-On Lesson on Cells

students look at cells under a microscope Fifth graders sat in groups in a darkened room, their faces illuminated by the light of screens. “Look!” one yelled, pointing excitedly. The students were mesmerized by what they saw — and it wasn’t a video game or YouTube video they were staring at. Instead, they were studying magnified cells during a Silly Cells enrichment program at Bedford Hills Elementary School. 

Chris Cellini of High Touch High Tech of Connecticut visited classes to help students discover the amazing microscopic world of cells.

“The important thing for you to know is that our bodies are made of trillions of cells,” Cellini told students. “We’re all different. We have different eye color, different hair color, we like different foods. But we have one thing in common: we’re all human. It is the same with cells. They’re all different but share things in common.”

Cellini guided students through examining different cells under a microscope, even showing them how to make a makeshift slide of their own skill cells so that they could examine them more closely. Students bounced and chattered with excitement as they got close-up looks at snakeskin, onion skin and more.

After learning more about the parts that make up a cell, students regrouped to make their own model cells — with slime! The glue-based model included beads, glitter and string, all representing different parts of the cell.

Students excitedly placed the supplies into plastic cups one by one before mixing them into their very own goopy, squishy cell replicas. The hands-on STEM program was an engaging way to pique students’ curiosity about cells.

student plays with slime cell model