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Fox Lane Middle School Students Participate in Sound Waves Presentation

FLMS students participating in sound wave presentation - student playing guitar

At the beginning of March, a Fox Lane Middle School eighth grader sat in the Little Theater with a guitar in his hands, surrounded by peers. He strummed it, but students could only hear the faint vibration of strings. Next, Exploratory Music and Applied Guitar teacher Matthew Vanacoro plugged the guitar into an amp. The room suddenly filled with music. This was all part of an interactive sound waves presentation.

“I’m going to talk to you today about sound waves, how they are transmitted and how they convert from vibrations into musical data,” Vanacoro told students at the beginning of the presentation, which was a science and music crossover event.

Using props like the guitar, amp and more, Vanacoro showed students not only how sounds can be amplified, but how equipment can be used to alter the shape of their waves, thus altering their sound.

The presentation, which included a lot of student participation, gave students a deeper look at sound waves and sought to teach them the importance of the science behind these waves.