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Fox Lane Student Gifts Flowers for the Future

Naomi Peck - Flowers for the Future of Pound Ridge

Fox Lane High School junior Naomi Peck sat in her driveway on a recent Sunday morning, 12 feet away from a table lined with paper bags. Inside each bag were combinations of lily bulbs with directions on how to plant them attached. Naomi sat at a safe distance while Pound Ridge residents came by to pick up the bulbs, which were a gift from Naomi to the community. 

The idea for the project, which she calls Flowers for the Future, came just before the quarantine started. Naomi was babysitting for children whose school had closed and she realized how quickly kids become bored. She went home that night and tried to think of ideas to occupy children in the community. She remembered that her clients had planted bulbs in the yard with their parents earlier that day.

“I thought I could purchase a bunch of lily bulbs to give out to the community so that people could have an activity to participate in for the day,” Naomi said. “I am hoping that by summer, when all the lily bulbs come up, the town can admire the beautiful flowers planted all around and be reminded of a little joy that came out of this hard time.”

Using babysitting money she had saved, Naomi ordered 320 lily bulbs in four varieties from a wholesaler and bagged different color combinations. After getting a flyer for her project included in the town’s email blast and having her parents post it in a Pound Ridge Facebook group, Naomi set up her table on April 5 and waited for her neighbors to come.

“I sat 12 feet from the table, greeting each person and thanking them for coming,” Naomi said. “It was so nice to see so many new faces! People drove up one by one, picking up a bag, chatting for a moment, then driving away.”

Naomi enjoyed seeing the reactions of people who came to collect a bag of bulbs.

“People were so grateful and were so excited to plant the bulbs!” she said. “One older lady who came in the very beginning told me how this made her month. It was really sad to hear, but because of the Coronavirus, she hadn’t seen people in over a month. When I had the idea for the project, I was thinking about how this activity could help little kids and their families, but it made me so happy to know that I was helping the older community as well. Every single person who picked up a bag of bulbs was incredibly nice. I am so lucky to live in a town with such an amazing group of people.”

Flowers for the Future - bags of bulbs