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BCSD Values Mission Vision 2019


The 2019-20 BCSD SUCCESS Plan - Our Strategic Planning Dashboard.

El Plan de Éxito BCSD 2019-20: nuestro panel de planificación estratégica.

The overarching purposes of BCSD's SUCCESS Plan are to:

  • Convey shared values
  • State our mission, or purpose, for why we exist as an educational institution
  • Share a vision for what achievement of that mission would look like
  • Communicate short- and long-range objectives in our four big goal areas. 


BCSD's four big goals are:

  1. Improve Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Programs
  2. Improve Climate and Safety
  3. Improve Community Engagement, Communications, and Transparency
  4. Improve Fiscal, Human Resources, and Operational Oversight and Management

Each objective is assigned to an Action Planning Team, which works throughout the school year to achieve the objectives. The action plans are updated throughout the school year and progress is evaluated regularly. Each year, a Strategic Convocation is conducted to identify progress and next steps, and a culminating report is prepared to communicate progress.

The overarching Success Plan 2021 is intended to be a five-plus year roadmap.