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Celebrating National School Principals' Day

Dear BCSD Community,

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1, 2021, is National School Principals’ Day! There are days in the calendar that ask us to pause and recognize the contributions of those who make a true difference in our lives. I wish to take a moment today, before we break for the weekend, to recognize the efforts of each of our BCSD School Principals:

Judy Brewster

Judy Brewster - Principal, WPES

Zbynek Gold

Zbynek Gold -  Principal, BHES

Teresa Letizia

Teresa Letizia - Interim Principal, PRES

Brett Miller

Brett Miller, Principal, FLHS

Inas Morsi-Hogans

Inas Morsi-Hogans - Principal, MKES

Inas Morsi-Hogans

Sue Ostrofsky - Principal, FLMS

Gina Smith

Gina Smith - Principal, BVES

Our BCSD principals, along with all of our teachers, support staff and our entire district team, have worked tirelessly, especially this year, to keep our students engaged, our staff supported and our community safe. As a former principal, I know the commitment it takes to lead a school. I know that principals are “on” 24/7. From greeting our students as they arrive at school each morning, to managing a safe dismissal, and everything that occurs in between, our principals become the face and the voice of their schools. Messages of concern, reminders of available services and support, and notes of celebration all come from our principals. Our teachers and support staff look to their principals for leadership, encouragement, feedback and support. Our parents know that their principals are always available to them, a phone call away. And our students recognize that their principals are among their greatest advocates. Our principals are problem solvers, safety experts, instructional leaders, innovators, and the ultimate cheerleaders for the schools they lead. 

From where I sit as a superintendent, I turn to our principals as the conveyers of important information and the eyes and ears of what matters most in our district. The most important work of the Bedford Central School District is what happens in our classrooms and at each of our school buildings every single day. Our principals are integral in making it all happen. I consider our principals our dreamers, our thought leaders, and our agents of change. I salute each member of our BCSD Principal team in commemoration of National School Principals’ Day.

Please join me in expressing appreciation to our BCSD Principals tomorrow and recognizing their daily dedication and extraordinary efforts on all of our behalf every day of the year!  

Enjoy the weekend.

BCSD Strong!

Joel Adelberg