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Procedures Related To Use Of Videoconferencing/Virtual Attendance At BoE Meetings

Notice of Public Hearing - Rescheduled Date


December 6, 2022


Pursuant to New York State Public Officers Law § 103-a(2)(b), the Board of Education of the Bedford Central School District (the “Board”) plans to adopt procedures related to the use of videoconferencing and virtual attendance at meetings conducted by the Board and any and all committees or subcommittees, now existing or hereafter created, of the Board subject to the Open Meetings Laws of New York State (the “Procedures”).


Due to a power outage on November 30th on the Fox Lane Campus, the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting was canceled. The Public Hearing will now take place at an additionally scheduled meeting on December 21, 2022 at 7:00pm, at the Fox Lane Middle School Suzanne Grant Theater.


The procedures have been posted as of October 25, 2022 for a 30-day comment period and are available on the District Website. It is expected that the Board of Education will adopt the procedures and amended Policy #1510 (Regular Board Meetings and Rules) subsequent to the Public Hearing.


Sandra Speyer

District Clerk