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During the year it is necessary to delay, dismiss early or close school because of inclement weather or for other reasons. Listed below are the procedures that have been established for closing school, delaying the opening of school or dismissing school early.

School Closing, Delays & Early Dismissal:
We utilize our emergency messaging system to contact parents in the event of school closings, delayed openings, early dismissals, and other emergencies. Parents must provide updated contact information to their child's school each year. In addition, any important message, including those about changes to the school day, will be on the District's main number (241-6000), on the District's home page www.bcsdny.organd it will be on the radio and TV stations as close to 6am as possible.

Delayed Opening:
If school opening is delayed, the announcement will include the length of the delay. Check for updates as changes may occur.

The length of the delay will apply to all bus runs scheduled throughout the school district for both public and non-public school students. For instance, a two-hour delay will mean all buses will run two hours later.

Dismissals on days of delayed opening will be at regular times unless noted otherwise.

Emergency Dismissal:
When it is necessary to dismiss school early, texts and emails will be sent via Blackboard to contact parents and, in addition, the announcement will be made on radio stations and added to the website.  All afterschool and evening activities will also be cancelled. No late buses or activity buses will run. Parents/guardians, please be sure to update the form annually that lists the name of the individual who will be responsible for the child in the event school closes early. Please consider how the information will be used when completing the card.

Please check the website and listen to the radio stations for all of this information, but do not call the stations. Their lines will be busy receiving correct information and need to be kept clear.