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Our district policy provides transportation for all resident pupils living more than one-half mile from their school. It is a privilege to ride the school bus. The Assistant Superintendent for Business, Ms. Cynthia Hawthorne, is in charge of the pupil transportation programs. For assistance call 241-6001, 6008 or 6174. Please discuss the following safety rules with your children.

The bus driver is in charge of the bus. Follow the driver’s instructions.

  1.  The bus driver is in charge of the bus. Follow the driver’s instructions.
  2.  Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes early.
  3.  Wait for your bus in a safe place away from the road. Respect the property around your stop.
  4.  Always cross 10 feet in front of the bus. Look both ways before crossing the street. Follow the   bus drivers directions when crossing the street. Walk while crossing the road. Do not run.
  5.  Do not push on or near the bus. Don’t run to or from the bus.
  6.  Always remain seated while riding the school bus. Don’t yell or make loud noises. It may be   distracting to the driver and cause a hazard.
  7.  Students are encouraged to wear seat belts.
  8.  Do not eat, drink, or litter on the bus.
  9.  Do not put any part of your body, arms, etc. out the window. This is dangerous.
  10.  Never throw anything out of the bus windows.
  11.  Participate in the emergency bus drills throughout the year. Follow these procedures when   necessary.

Please instruct your children to be very alert to traffic as they get on and off the bus. Even though your child may follow all the safety rules, a motorist may pass a stopped school bus. Your children’s awareness of traffic may prevent a serious situation.

Behavior Problems on the Bus
Conduct reports are filed by the bus drivers for the students that violate safety procedures while riding the bus. Conduct reports are referred to the school principal. Because misconduct on the school bus creates a serious safety hazard by distracting the driver, students who misbehave on the bus may lose their riding privileges. To maximize safety for all passengers, please encourage your children to behave on the bus as they would in school. Cameras are provided on each bus as a way to help enforce bus safety rules.

Established Bus Routes and Stops
Students are expected to use the stops and routes assigned to them. Students will be picked up and dropped off at their assigned stops only. A written request to use a different stop or route must be submitted to the school, signed by a parent/guardian and approved by the principal. Students are not permitted to walk or ride a different bus without written permission. Telephone changes and requests are not acceptable.

For Our Kindergarten Riders and Parents
Our bus drivers have been instructed that it is our practice NOT to let kindergarten students off of the school bus unless there is an adult to meet them.  If your kindergarten student is permitted to be met by an older sibling or neighbor, we will need written permission stating this, and the sibling or neighbor must be in 6th grade or older. Please indicate to us who is permitted to pick up your kindergarten student at the bus stop. Drivers shall not release students to persons not recognized by the driver or not listed as emergency contacts with your school. Kindergarten students that are not met at the stop as required will be returned to their elementary school office at the end of the run.

For our Elementary Parents Grade 1-5
If you would like to request that a student in grades 1-5 NOT be permitted to get off the school bus unless there is an adult to meet them, this request must be sent to the district transportation office in writing. Please indicate who is permitted to receive your student and include phone numbers to reach them. Students that do not have an adult to meet them at their stop as specified will be returned to their elementary school office at the end of the bus run.

  • If a parent is not at a bus stop, the bus dispatcher makes one call to parent. If a parent can’t be reached, dispatcher contacts school to give notice they might need to return student to school. Driver continues on route. After route is completed the driver will go past the bus stop again, if no parent is there, driver will return student to school.

  • When buses are running late or breakdown, the bus company will let the Transportation Department know ASAP. For large buses it is not possible to call every parent. We will provide information to any parents that call the office.