KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION ---------------------------------------------------------------

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To be eligible for kindergarten, a child must have reached five years of age by December 1 of the year he/she is to enter school. Registration for Kindergarten is available through our district website beginning in January. When registering for school, a parent must provide proof of birth, physical exam, immunization record, parent identification and proof of district residency. The law requires that all children entering school be adequately immunized against Rubella (German measles), Polio, Mumps, Diphtheria and Tetanus and Pertussis, regular Measles, Hepatitis B and Varicella. If the student has not turned 5 by the 1st day of school, he/she needs the Hib vaccine. For more information, please call the District Registrar at 241-6107 or 241-6005.