PUBLICATION OF INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHS -------------------------------------

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Bedford Central School District may use individual photographs of students attending our schools in any of several different District publications throughout the year. These publications include but are not limited to, the District website, newsletters, BOCES, BCSD-TV and press releases to local media. Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents may elect to exclude the publication of their child's individual photograph from being used in school publications and media outlets. If you wish to prevent your child's individual image from being used in this manner, please send a letter to Dr. Edward Escobar, Director of Pupil Personnel Services in the Administration Building on the Fox Lane Campus indicating that individual photographs are not to be used by any Bedford Central School District and any media outlet by
September 30, 2021. Please be sure to include your child's full name, address and school of attendance. This process must to be done annually.

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Please note: If you choose to opt your child(ren) out of photographs, please understands this goes for everything including but not limited to yearbooks.